Okay, quick update…we’re just about completely done moving into the new place (I have a few trophies and a mirror to put up, and gotta move boxes of clothes to the garage). We’re celebrating with a BBQ this monday, for which I purchased a relatively inexpensive gas grill. Welcome to suburbia.

There are two more ultrasound pictures I haven’t scanned in yet, but I’ll get around to those soon…the baby is coming along well, and mommy has been dragging daddy back to the gym.

My brother has offered me a pool table (since he just bought a new house and doesn’t have room for it…despite the fact that the new house is humangous), and I’m hoping to fit it in the garage. I still need to vacuum and carpet the garage (I have left-overs from when the carpeting guys re-did the carpet before we moved in), and if it all works out, we’ll have a pool table, dart board, and working fridge in there. I guess I’ll need to decide if people shoud lomi their shoes before going on the carpet…

Cameron has been doing well in school (it’s almost over), and will be going to 3 weeks of YMCA camp, and 3 weeks of Huntington Explorers camp (www.huntington.org…check it out). His latest thing is Zelda & The Minish Cap on Gameboy Advance (don’t buy him games without consulting first please, we’re using that as motivation for good behavior in school).

Anyway, that’s the 5 minute wrap-up…when I’m feeling like ranting, I’ll write more later.

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