Yes, it’s official – I now do osx.

My dear wife got me a Macbook for my birthday, and I’ve hardly touched my PC for a week.  It’s like having a souped up linux box with a kick-ass GUI.

Special note – get the base 512 ram, and buy 2GB of OWC memory, if you’re gonna buy a Macbook, it’s much cheaper.  I should be getting my 2GB upgrade tomorrow, and I’ll be running memtest to check it out and reporting back.


GAIM = Adium

VMWare = Parallels

Firefox = Firefox

Thunderbird = Thunderbird

WinSCP = Fugu

Nero = Toast Titanium

UltraEdit = BBEdit

Photoshop = Photoshop

Acrobat = Acrobat

RSSBandit = Vienna

RealVNC = Chicken of the VNC

OpenOffice = OpenOffice

Eclipse = Eclipse

Norton Ghost = SuperDuper!

iSquint == awesome way to get movies to your iPod

iPodRip == awsome way to get your iPod files (with all appropriate playlists and ratings) from your PC to your Mac

DVDShrink32 = MacTheRipper

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