As of 11/5/2020, we’re still waiting for a concession speech from Biden. Arizona and Pennsylvania have yet to be officially assigned to Trump, but the combination of the two seem likely, either before or after a lawsuit, to clinch the election from Trump.

If we’re able to have a clear Trump win without courts deciding, we’ll definitely have violence, but the foundation of the republic will remain strong, and grow stronger over the next four years. Much like the 2016-2019 chorus of “Russia, Russia, Russia”, the Ds will dive further left, and further alienate the moderates and center-left, but we’ve lived through that once, and can live through that again.

If it takes the courts, I think the violence gets cranked up to 11 in the case of a Trump win, and the integrity of elections is destroyed for at least a generation in the case of a Biden win. It’s obvious that there has been voter fraud – we’ve got documented cases all over the place. The problem is that the remedies for the courts aren’t clear. If we had honest election administration, we’d be able to craft specific remedies like, “signature must match”, or “voter must be alive”, or “postmark must exist”, or “must have been received by election day”. The problem will come when we have ballot boxes filled with a mixture of legally cast ballots, and fraudulently cast ballots, and no way to discern between the two. At that point, you can either consider the whole box spoiled (and disenfranchise the legal votes in the box), or simply accept the whole box regardless of fraud (and destroy the integrity of the election, rewarding the cheaters).

My dark horse hope is that Biden cuts a deal with Trump, getting a pardon for him and his family, including Hunter, in return for a concession speech. You’ll still have violence, but I think it’ll be more simmering.

Ultimately, I think this is going to be a test of Biden’s character – if after losing in court, he earnestly calls for unity and peace, it will be redemption for him and Corn Pop, as far as I’m concerned.

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