tl;dr – #manwithgun stops #manwithknife

So, it turns out that the supposed mass shooting at Ohio State University today was actually a mass stabbing allegedly perpetrated by a 20-year-old Somali refugee named Ali Mohammed, who drove his car into a crowd and then hopped out, hacking innocents with a butcher knife.

This has been a humiliating experience for the left, which immediately jumped to typical gun control talking points based on their desired story. #GunControl began trending…

tl;dr – we should go to every liberal bakery, ask them to make us a Trump Victory cake, and go to every liberal catering organization, and ask them to cater a Trump Victory event, and then sue the ones that refuse. Or maybe just let bakers and caterers say "no".

Count the number of cities in America, where walking down the street wearing a gay pride rainbow shirt would get you assaulted.

Count the number of cities in America, where walking down the street wearing a "Make America Great Again" shirt would get you assaulted.

As we watch people riot over the election results, let's spare a moment to realize exactly who is being tolerant, and who is being intolerant. While certainly there are violent people of all political leanings, we currently live in a society that normalizes liberal violence as much, if not more, than lynchings of black men were normalized by the Democrats of the KKK in the early 1900s. These violent, intolerant activists may wrap themselves in the cloak of victimhood, but the truth is that they are the bullies, and we should all condemn them.

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Left unspoken – has this changed their position with respect to Huma's immunity agreement?

Smells like someone is going under a bus.


“Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Sec Clinton”