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As the legal language involving states and subsidies in the Affordable Care Act plays out in federal courtrooms, the Obama administration is coming under fire for quietly releasing five U.S. territories from their commitments to the new health care law- and in the process leaving more than 4 million Americans without access to affordable insurance.

So what happens when the next Republican president decides to waive ObamaCare until 2102?  Or waive income taxes?  Or waive recognition of gay marriages?

Checks and balances are there for a reason.  In an attempt to impose themselves upon others today, Democrats are laying the groundwork for others to impose upon them tomorrow.


The Administration lacks legal authority to delay the employer mandate. This is another instance of rewriting the law while implementing it.

If the government isn't willing to follow the law, why should citizens feel obligated to follow the law?


In early 2011, Treasury and IRS officials realized they had a problem. They unanimously believed Congress intended to authorize certain taxes and subsidies in states that opt not to establish an ObamaCare “exchange.” At the same time, they recognized the law plainly does not allow those taxes and subsidies in those states.

The FAQs they don't want asked or answered.

#obamacare   #obamacarefail   #defectivebydesign  

Beginning January 1, 2014, most Californians will be required to have health insurance under federal law as a result of the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as “health care reform,” “Obamacare,” or the “Affordable Care Act.”

Failure sometimes isn't just an option, it's inevitable.

#obamacare   #obamacarefail   #defectivebydesign  

Back in the mid-1990s, I did a lot of web work for traditional media. That often meant figuring out what the client was already doing on the web, and how it was going, so I’d find the techies in the company, and ask them what they were doing, and how it was going. Then I’d tell management what …

Attention healthcare shoppers.  Please remain ignorant about just how bad we're screwing you until after you've re-elected us.  That is all.

#obamacare   #obamacarefail   #defectivebydesign  

ObamaCare enrollment for 2015 to reportedly be delayed until after midterms