Cyberpunk 2020 LifePath Generator

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Current Age: 26

Origins And Style


Family Background

Siblings: 6

Sibling #1 - older sister: hates you

Sibling #2 - older sister: neutral

Sibling #3 - older brother: hates you

Sibling #4 - older brother: dislikes you

Sibling #5 - younger sister: likes you

Sibling #6 - older brother: hero worships you


Event at Age 17

Disaster: Anxiety attacks and phobias - lose 1pt CL
Planned response: Live it down and try to forget it

Event at Age 18

Romance: Happy love affair
Current feelings: You hate them

Event at Age 19

Disaster: Betrayal - you are being blackmailed
Planned response: Clear your name

Event at Age 20

Made an Enemy: Relative - female

Cause: Deserted or betrayed the other
Who's fracked off: The feeling is mutual
Injured party's response: Ignore the scum
Forces: Just themself

Event at Age 21

Nothing happened

Event at Age 22

Nothing happened

Event at Age 23

Lucky: Financial Windfall: $1000

Event at Age 24

Disaster: Illness or addiction; lose 1pt of REF permanently
Planned response: Hunt down those responsible and make them pay

Event at Age 25

Made an Enemy: Ex lover - female

Cause: Caused the loss of a lover, friend or relative
Who's fracked off: You hate them
Injured party's response: Backstab them indirectly
Forces: An entire Government Agency

Event at Age 26

Lucky: Make a Friend on the Police Force; inside information at a level of +2 Streetwise on any police related situation