Everyone please welcome our latest contributor, Lana Robbins, aka Ululani, aka Super ‘Oiwi Supremist Chick! :D

If you haven’t seen the flames on http://www.hawaiiankingdom.info, suffice it to say that she’s completely convinced that those who are antagonistic to her point of view are by definition, racist. Quite ironic, considering her own evident racism (http://realhapas.com).

Anyway, those are the basics – hopefully a light roasting here will serve to entertain our dear readers.

Oh, and to start off, let me apologize to Lana for my incorrect but understandable assumption that someone who inherits property from their parents is fairly well off – apparently she was below the poverty line while she was going to school at Kamehameha, and I assumed that anyone who could will land in Hawaii to their children had to be well off. Her parents must have made a killing in the stock market when she was in college! :)