tl;dr – if you want to harass AGW skeptics for downplaying the contribution of humankind to climate change, you can harass AGW alarmists for overplaying the contribution of humankind to climate change.

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AG’s striking back at #ExxonKnew and #RICO20 say – “we can come after climate alarmists for fraud, too”

From the Washington Times and the department of “Mutally Assured Destruction” (MAD) comes this blowback. If Democratic attorneys general can pursue climate change skeptics for fraud, th…



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Yes, that's right, global warming causes extreme cooling.  Now who are you going to believe, Al Gore, or your lying thermometer? :)

It was the earliest and heaviest snow in several places since records have been kept dating as far back as 1880. 100 Year Snow Records broken across the South Eastern US on October 31st and Novembe…

Here's a quick test you can use to distinguish pseudo-science from science – look for the necessary and sufficient falsifiable hypothesis statement.

Unless they can explain what observations falsify their hypothesis, and why the lack of those observations excludes other hypotheses, it's just magical hand waving.


Intellectuals of all persuasions love to claim the banner of science. A vanishing few do so properly.

Ah, the liar and fraud Michael Mann is exposed once again, using a finely tuned non-standard smoothing function in order to come up with a scary graph :)

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This post is rather technical, and it is intended mainly for the historical completeness. So unless you are very, very interested in the tiny technical details of the HS saga, you can safely skip t…

It's like listening to my grade school daughter whining about being teased.

How these otherwise educated people can succumb to the apocalyptic cult of AGW without realizing just how far from science they've strayed is fascinating.  I mean, "I wish that climate change were not real"?  What pantheon of climate deities do you have to pray to in order to stop climate from ever changing?  It's like demanding that the tide not come in, or the sun never set…what on earth is wrong with these people?

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With apologies to Morris Albert. Joe Duggan. A “science communicator”, writes on his blog: What follows are the words of real scientists. Researchers that understand climate change. Kevin Walsh Ass…

Who needs data when you can just give a "qualified guess given to satisfy public demand" :)

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Last week (May 22), I received an unsolicited email from Dr. Dag Vongraven, the current chairman of the IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group (PBSG). The email from Vongraven began this way: “Dr. Crockf…

Climate "science" looks ugly when you have the actual data, rather than the overhyped paper or press release :)

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You might think this post about the previously undisclosed material I recently gained possession of. It’s not. Even with the additional material I now have, there is still data not available to any…