Girls and boys are different, and that's okay.


Socialization processes, parents, or peers encouraging play with gender specific toys are thought to be the primary force shaping sex differences in toy preference. A contrast in view is that toy preferences reflect biologically determined preferences …

Texas: 2

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Oh, and my obligatory mohammad cartoon:


A contest for cartoons depictions of the Prophet Muhammad in a Dallas suburb is on lockdown after authorities reported a shooting outside the building.

I support Alison Tieman.   #CalgaryExpo  should apologize to her, the rest of the Honey Badger Brigade, and offer them lifetime discounts on any future participation in events.

Kicking a woman who writes comics out of a comic book convention because she dared to speak a minority opinion during a "women in comics" panel is wrong.

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We support, love, and admire our friend and comrade-at-arms Alison Tieman. We hope you will too.

For some people "diversity" doesn't include diversity of opinion.

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The Left doesn’t seem interested in hearing what the right has to say on social media. Conservatives, on the other hand, seem eager to hear from people with opposing views.
A review of data in a new study by StatSocial indicates conservatives on Twitter are more likely to follow liberal partisans and reporters at left-of-center news organizations than their counterparts on the Left are to follow right-leaning figures.
People on the Left are more …