The swastika was once a symbol of life, before it was co-opted by Hitler.

It now looks like the Confederate battle flag, a symbol of resistance against Lincoln's War of Northern Aggression, has now been so thoroughly demonized that our otherwise freedom loving society is now willing to put a fatwa out on it's display the way imams have done with the drawing of mohammed.

Removing the Confederate flag from Confederate memorials doesn’t change our history, it merely helps shroud it in ignorance. The flag should stay.

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Fake rape accusations hurt both the falsely accused, as well as the victims of actual rape.

The recent documentary The Hunting Ground asserts that young women are in grave danger of sexual assault as soon as they arrive on college campuses. The film has been screened at the White House for staff and legislators. Senate Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand, who makes a cameo appearance in the film,…

Girls and boys are different, and that's okay.


Socialization processes, parents, or peers encouraging play with gender specific toys are thought to be the primary force shaping sex differences in toy preference. A contrast in view is that toy preferences reflect biologically determined preferences …

Texas: 2

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Oh, and my obligatory mohammad cartoon:


A contest for cartoons depictions of the Prophet Muhammad in a Dallas suburb is on lockdown after authorities reported a shooting outside the building.