I support Alison Tieman.   #CalgaryExpo  should apologize to her, the rest of the Honey Badger Brigade, and offer them lifetime discounts on any future participation in events.

Kicking a woman who writes comics out of a comic book convention because she dared to speak a minority opinion during a "women in comics" panel is wrong.

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We support, love, and admire our friend and comrade-at-arms Alison Tieman. We hope you will too.

For some people "diversity" doesn't include diversity of opinion.

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The Left doesn’t seem interested in hearing what the right has to say on social media. Conservatives, on the other hand, seem eager to hear from people with opposing views.
A review of data in a new study by StatSocial indicates conservatives on Twitter are more likely to follow liberal partisans and reporters at left-of-center news organizations than their counterparts on the Left are to follow right-leaning figures.
People on the Left are more …

Isn't it racist to assume that there is any race other than the human race?

How would you even know if the person who has a similar skin tone to you actually has ancestors from a specific part of the world?

Does starbucks count "race" via the one-drop rule?  If a white guy hangs out with Obama, is he hanging out with someone of his own race?  If a black guy hangs out with Obama, is he hanging out with someone of his own race?

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“@DLoesch got my “are you a racist test” from @Starbucks today #DAILYDANA

Want to start a conversation about race?  How about by admitting that it's an arbitrary, and useless social construct?

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#RaceTogether is a debacle: The real reason why Starbucks, McDonald’s and Coke keep failing on Twitter

Dark irony: The massive institutions responsible for our isolation trying to fix it with a cutesy hashtag


Stop treating people differently simply because of their ethnic background.

In a windowless classroom at an Arcadia tutoring center, parents crammed into child-sized desks and dug through their pockets and purses for pens as Ann Lee launches a PowerPoint presentation.


Never read it before.

Won't ever stop reading it now.

FWIW, yes, that is Mohammed, not just some generic muslim.

Here is the much-anticipated first edition of Charlie Hebdo since last week’s massacre — with a cover proclaiming, “All is forgiven.” It’s not clear if the cartoon on the cover shows a generic Musl…