Just remember this – for all the whining about how election fraud doesn't really happen that much, and this general election won't be stolen, we have a real example of this kind of fraud with the stealing of the democratic primary from Bernie Sanders. The system was rigged against him, and they cheated to make him lose.

The elites who organize and orchestrate this kind of voter fraud and election cheating want you to gently submit to the results of fraudulent elections.

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Conservatives should vote for the Republican nominee.

tl;dr – just because you're a masculine woman, or a feminine man, doesn't mean you should be doing surgery and pumping your body with hormones.

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American College of Pediatricians – August 2016 ABSTRACT: Gender dysphoria (GD) of childhood describes a psychological condition in which children experience a marked incongruence between their exp…

Make no doubt about it, abortion should be a woman's choice, even if it is a tragic decision. "Safe, legal and rare", was one of the few things I've ever agreed with a Clinton on.

That being said, selling dead baby parts is both gruesome and troublesome. If the women are clearly being told, "after we're done with this procedure, we're going to be splitting up the dead baby parts and shipping them to biotech companies", that's one thing…but I'm sure if they did require informed consent, their available dead baby parts would dramatically decrease.

A House panel looks at the grisly details.