Happy Hawaiian Revolution Day!



On this day, in 1893, a corrupt monarchy was overthrown, and the path to democracy began.  The multi-racial Kingdom went on to become an internationally recognized Republic, and then sued for union with the United States, becoming a Territory in 1898, and a State in 1959.

While I'm probably more partial to secularism in general, I would not oppose an official policy of raising all jihadi orphans as jews.

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Suspicion surrounds the family of the terrorist couple who gunned down 14 at a Southern California office holiday party last week, but there is one relative whose innocence is absolute: The six-month old girl left an orphan by her parents’ monstrous act.

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Of course, the lesson that our dear leader is trying to push is that when terrorists attack us, it means the victims had too many guns.


As many as 20 people were shot Wednesday, and police in San Bernardino were in a standoff with at least one gunman, according to authorities.