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College students are increasingly demanding protection from words and ideas they don’t like. Here’s why that’s disastrous for education.

The censors of today echo the puritanical censors of the past with no self awareness whatsoever.


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Texas: 2

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Oh, and my obligatory mohammad cartoon:


A contest for cartoons depictions of the Prophet Muhammad in a Dallas suburb is on lockdown after authorities reported a shooting outside the building.

A brutal point by point takedown of someone who doesn't understand the 1st amendment, or the idea of freedom.

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This is U.C. Berkeley’s Chancellor, Nicholas Dirks. Oh hai let us talk “free speech” lol. Yesterday Chancellor Dirks sent an email about free speech to

I'm as pro-choice as anyone, but Miller-Young should be fired.  Violence on campus against people you disagree with should never be tolerated.

Even worse is the fact that she literally thought she was perfectly justified when she first talked to the police - http://media.independent.com/news/documents/2014/03/18/UCSB-Police-Report.pdf

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Mother of victim: ‘A sentence of community service is not supposed to result in something you can add to your resume.’