2 Thoughts on “1998 Seven Windows

  1. The first album I ever played on. With approximately zero experience, I was enlisted to do lead guitar, and ended up actually coming up with stuff for about half the tracks. I also did backup vocals and some viola work.

    The first tracks I laid down were with a shitty stratocaster knockoff called a “Memphis”, and we pretty much threw them all away.

    All in all it was fun to work on, but my musical tastes diverge quite a bit from the lyrics and arrangements you’ll find here. The guy who got me into this whole thing, Scott Fickas, did the lyrics and songwriting. I think we actually played every song on the album at least once on stage, except for Defense Rests.

    Most of our gigs were in shitty dive bars, but it was fun to get up and sing and play in front of a crowd.

  2. Brian Stillion on 9/12/2005 at 7:38 pm said:

    I had a lot of fun with you guys. Jere, I hope you’re doing well. Cool website. Funny, I just started re-listening to the old album. Wow! What a trip. Take care.

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