Well everyone, Amani is feeling much better now. It seems like the combination of constant Gatorade and 10mg of Reglan every six hours is doing the trick. She’s keeping food down, is generally up and about, and I’ve even gotten her to laugh again.

In other news, Cameron’s momma J (as opposed to momma A) is visiting, and he’s getting spoiled rotten. We just saw the triplets of belleville (trippy movie, pretty cool), and are just starting Chicken Run.

With the help of Amani, I’ve endeavored to catch up on popular culture by downloading tv shows and watching them without the commercials. I’m almost done with all nine seasons of Seinfeld, and have managed to keep up with Smallville and Alias this season.

Of course, I’ll slit my wrists before watching Survivor or American Idol.

Well, monday was decent, tuesday was rough at work and my dear pregnant wife has been wrestling with nausea at home yesterday and today. I went ahead and ordered a ReliefBand, which supposedly will zap her wrist with electric shocks and help with the nausea, but that doesn’t get in until tomorrow.

It seems like life has turned into a great scavenger hunt here with the theme of “what can she eat and not throw up?”. So far the most stable foods are the typical ones…lemon water, apple slices, saltines, plain toast…but we’re looking for the miracle food that’ll make everything better.

Any suggestions, leave a comment for us.


Our Blastocyst

Well, we spent pretty much the whole day at Kaiser Sunset, getting the “real” test done, setting up prenatal appointments, doing blood tests, filling out paperwork, and then eating at Burger King.

Toast & Ginger Ale – rejected
Cream Of Wheat – rejected
4 saltines – rejected
1 saltine – rejected
Peppermint Tea – rejected
Apricot & Mango Yogurt – only one bare spoonful

Bowl Of Rice – ?

Boy, it doesn’t take much to keep me up till 2 in the morning. Argh.

Well, it looks like I’ve got most of everything up and running, but I’ll need to spend some more time converting toby’s site over to this new host.

Okay, so on Clayton’s recommendation, I’m trying out www.dreamhost.com. Pretty good deal. I have krischel.org, kauhane.org, and tsb.krischel.org (for when I move over tobysemainband.com).

Oh yeah, and my wife is confirmed preggers.