I’ve always been a man of great spirituality, but little faith. Dogma has been anathema to me since as far back as I can remember. And today I mourn the fate of our country, with the passing of a law by congress to overrule the wishes of a woman to be allowed to die with dignity.

For the facts of the case, click here. You won’t find zealot sites on the net support Terri Schiavo’s right to die, but any place where you have facts, you will see they contradict everything the religious right is claiming in this situation.

Although at this point it is cliche, it’s amazing that we would fight a war in a far off country to get rid of the religious fundamentalists (Taliban), and then fall victim to them in our own. The fact that based on doctored video tapes, and dodgy press conferences, a group of people have managed to deny Terri Schiavo justice for 15 years is abhorrent. I hope that every last member of congress who voted for this terrible measure, and our dear president who so blithely signed it suffer for the sin they committed today.

If there was a way to contribute to the fight that Michael Schiavo has been suffering through these past 15 years, to honor the wishes of his undead wife, I would. I’d march, I’d give money, I’d even vote democrat.

Sigh. I guess what I really want is a politician who wants to go to war in far off places with gays in the military and the right to choose and the right to die and the right to bear arms who wants to lower my tax burden. Instead I get suckered into a theocracy when all I wanted to do was support the military and do the right thing about fixing the problems our country has created across the globe during it’s flirtations with despots and dictators.

Can you imagine if the only concious thought running through Terri’s mind these past 15 years has been, “Please, kill me.”? Her parents and the rabid right-to-lifers should be ashamed of themselves. If there is any justice in this universe, these religious zealots will have God himself come down and slap them in the face for presuming to know better than Michael on what’s best for his wife. And then God will make Michael a saint, just to rub it in.

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