For those of you completely frustrated with the Dungeon Siege 2 bug, copy this file to your Resources directory, and go to the old man again. Your first conversation will have him ask for help. Your second conversation will let you get past him.

After you get past him, save your game, and delete the file. Everything should be normal then.

Download Azunite.ds2res

78 Thoughts on “BugFix : Can’t talk to Old Man in Exile camp (Act 1, Ch5)

  1. Thanks for posting this file, I really hope it works, going to test it when I get home from work. This bug is so annoying!!

  2. PROZiT on 8/22/2005 at 5:59 am said:

    Works great, thank you! *kneels and bows*

  3. HippoKing on 8/22/2005 at 6:42 am said:


    thanks – it fixed the problem perfectly (cept i think a coupla conversation things were missed off the beginning of the scholar’s speech)

  4. Glad to be of help. The files I changed were:

    • world\global\flick\sequences\ds2_world\act1_otheract1_jngclimb_scholar_self_heal.flick
      (inserted two lines after ‘sleep, duration 0.5;’

      • SetQuestBool (a1_p_colony, scholar_saved, true);
      • PostMessage (colony_bool_gizmo, WE_REQ_ACTIVATE);
    • world\global\flick\sequences\aa_nis\act1_scholar_talk.flick
      (inserted three lines after ‘if WhenTaskActive( a1_p_colony, save_scholar ) AND

      • !WhenQuestBool( a1_p_colony, scholar_saved ) ‘
      • SetQuestBool (a1_p_colony, scholar_saved, true);
      • SetQuestBool (a1_p_colony, log_removed, false);
      • SetQuestBool (a1_p_colony, movie_played, true);

    I used a modded TankViewer from here.

    I used Rapid Tank Creator from here, and made the following changes to the tank after I created it:

    • renamed to *.ds2res
    • changed 2 bytes at offset 2 and 3, from 6967 to 6732
    • changed 2 bytes at offset 8 and 9, from 0200 to 0001

    In the ‘advanced’ tab of Rapid Tank Creator, I set the priority to 1.

    UPDATE: Someone posted a new Rapid Tank Creator that does the hexediting and file naming for you –

  5. Sebastian Holsclaw on 8/22/2005 at 4:30 pm said:

    I’m having a similar problem in Act II Chapter 3. I talked to Finala and she joined my party. At this point I’m quite sure that Act 4 is supposed to begin. But it didn’t. Is there any way to force the quest to end, or otherwise deal with the problem?

  6. Abrik on 8/22/2005 at 5:07 pm said:

    Hi, Thanks for the file, it works like a charm. I have a question though. The first time I played I got passed the old man with ease. But I got stranded due to another bug in Act 3 Chapter 5 Part II, where you get the final part of the Aegis from the Dark Wizards and have to go back to town and show the Aegis to Lord Kalrathia, aka the Child Lord. When I get there, he’s not there, so I talk to his Advisor, who tells me he’s ill and taken to his room. But thats where I’m bugged, and I can’t recover it with a previous save game atm. The Child Lord simply isn’t there anymore, before I had the chance to talk to him. I’ve been nosing around with Tank viewer and trying to fix this bug in a likewise way you did with the Old man. But the problem is that there’s little to fix when the Child Lord just isn’t there anymore. I’ve tried looking into Spawning him again when I talk to the Advisor, I’ve assigned the conversation with the Child Lord that you’re supposed to have, to the Advisor. Wouldn’t work either heh. I’m at a loss.

    I was wondering if you would be able to have a look at it.

    So in short the situation is: Completed Act 3 Chapter 5 Part II, and I have to take the Aegis back to Lord kalrathia. Upon Arriving I talk to the Advisor (still good), he informs me of the Lord’s Illness and tha tI should go look him up in his room next to there. This is where it’s bugged, Lord Kalrathia is nowhere to be found, he’s just gone. (My guess is he despawned after having died, but without me being able to update my quest by talking to him.)

    Thanks in Advance, I’m at a loss here, and can’t continue, other then start all over :\

  7. man, you absolutely rock!!! thank you so much. GREAT WORK, MAN!!!

  8. zoinks.

    Any change you’ve got an idea or a fix for the same bug, but with Vix?

  9. Check out this post for ideas on how to fix other bugs you’re running into.

  10. Barry Kearns on 8/26/2005 at 11:56 am said:

    Thanks a million for this! I loathed the idea of having to go back to the beginning and play roulette on whether this was going to die or not.

    This worked like a charm. I missed the explanatory video, but that’s a small price to pay and I got the gist of what’s going on from the dialog.

    Now, if only GPG were this responsive with putting out at least a workaround solution… waiting multiple weeks for a pathed resolution just because of their jacked-up save system combined with buggy game dependencies and no override commands is a complete non-starter for me.

  11. Serath on 8/26/2005 at 1:08 pm said:

    You rock! I’d given up on playing this game any more til I found this for fear of screwing up yet another character. Thank you!

  12. Heya guys. I got a serius problem here. In ACT1 Ch4 where u are suppose to bring TAAR some water from the Elvin Fountain.
    Well the problem is that the door wont open, it’s still got it’s aura but every mob down there is dead. Iv cleaand it lot’s of time. but that door wont open. The elite dudes is not there the secound time u restart the game. Anyone got any ides what to do about this? Cheers!

  13. Oh no edit, anyways. This might work. If u could like change the locs to western greilyn jungle so u tele to
    Elvin Shrine tp locs. I hope u guys know what i mean. Cheers!

  14. Heya, wd on the fix, your awesome.

    Was wondering though if you wouldnt mind doing a smiliar bug in the Elen’Lu section, that silly part where you have to activate the four elven beam things with four crystal shards, and then the fifth one in the pyramid.

    Whats happens is you collect all the shards but you can’t activate the fourth beam no matter what you do. Please Please Please can you have a look at this bug and see if you can find a way to progress past it.

    Cheers :)

  15. I used tank to extract the logic.ds2res file, and i started editing the appropriate Elen’lu flick files, used tank creator to remake logic.ds2res but i couldn’t get it to progress no matter what i tried.

    Am i doing something wrong?

    Would be great if someone here could help

  16. Yes, don’t recreate the logic.ds2res. Name your file something like patch.ds2res, and compile it only with the changed files.

  17. klim on 9/1/2005 at 7:54 am said:

    In act2 i have a big bug.I have gotten all four of the small crystals as indicated in my LORE book, and i have the big one also, so all 5.

    But when trying to activate the fourth beam it just says i dont have the crystal.

  18. horist on 9/3/2005 at 9:27 pm said:

    Thanks a ton!

    I got stuck w/this bug when playing veteran level…. spent 30 mins searching , finally got this page when I searched for the “help me young one” phrase!!!

    You OWN

  19. jrd on 9/4/2005 at 10:56 am said:

    Many, many thanks for posting this fix. Works great. Frustration over. You’re a hero!

  20. WFX on 9/6/2005 at 3:24 pm said:

    Hi !

    In Act 2, Chap.5, I killed tyhe prophet and all the guys around him and the objective wasn’t validated. I ran back to every corner of the map until the Vai’Kesh sanctuary, killed everybody, nothing change.
    So the entrances of the caves are closed by blue magic fields.
    How can I modify this in the ressources files ?


  21. WFX on 9/6/2005 at 4:18 pm said:

    A new link for TankCreator compatible with DS2 without hexediting …

  22. I still cant get the flick scenes to progress past the silly Elen’lu crystal shards bug….

    I tried what you said jere, but it didnt work :?

  23. stovokar on 9/7/2005 at 4:37 pm said:

    guys, i’m stuck in aman’lu because i’ve just returned from the islands after activating the prism (got the animation with the rain and whatnot) but on returning to town and going to the south bridge i can’t find Finala anywhere and the bridge is still broken, i’ve tried looking everywhere in town , even went back by road to the islands but no cigar. Is there anyway to fix this short of starting again from scratch. If you think i can use the tankcreator to fix this please let me know how in some detail as i’ve never dealt with a hexeditor (or any other game editor) before. Is there any way to activate the next teleporter so i can go on with the quest and finala be damned.

  24. rafcio42 on 9/9/2005 at 8:30 am said:

    Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

  25. Quezako on 9/9/2005 at 7:29 pm said:

    Thanks a lot!

  26. hardrooky on 9/10/2005 at 12:42 pm said:

    thank you very much, i hate bugs, and i love ppl who create ways to get through

  27. need help on 9/10/2005 at 1:35 pm said:

    i have downloaded the patch but you say you need to copy it to the resources folder and i do not know where tis is can you help ?

  28. Bellator on 9/12/2005 at 1:15 am said:


    I need help,act3 chapter 5 part ii Lord Kalrathia is nowhere to be found i’ve got the aegis of life,but no use help me plz

  29. help pls on 9/12/2005 at 5:06 am said:

    got this problem at act1 chapter 4. this chapter should complete when i bring some water to taar. but i can’t since taar had already join my party and I dunno how to talk to her. the sounth gate wont open and i pretty much stuck there. help me please…. is there anyway i can talk to my party member… or is that some kind of bug??

  30. mrklb on 9/12/2005 at 6:46 pm said:

    thanks a bunch – site was down earlier today and had me worried that maybe the fix wasn’t around anymore – last post i read on any other site was from end of august – but thankfully it’s back up and i tried it and of course it worked.

    thanks again, i’d hate to have had to wait however many days/weeks/months it takes gpg & ms to get around to releasing the patch to start playing again – also would be not so great to start all over, do all the quests and get up to level 13 again… now let’s see if i can get stuck at any other game-stopping bugs!

  31. Whitey on 9/15/2005 at 2:13 pm said:

    I have the Vix door won’t open bug too, I tried editing and recompiling the files above, but apparently I either did it wrong, or I couldn’t find the proper flag to reset.

  32. Jeff DePrey on 9/16/2005 at 9:13 pm said:

    This problem

    “Was wondering though if you wouldnt mind doing a smiliar bug in the Elen’Lu section, that silly part where you have to activate the four elven beam things with four crystal shards, and then the fifth one in the pyramid.

    Whats happens is you collect all the shards but you can’t activate the fourth beam no matter what you do. Please Please Please can you have a look at this bug and see if you can find a way to progress past it.

    I think allot of people that are having problems with the because they might not notice you have to turn all the prisms towards the temple.
    Go back to each prism you put in and click them till they face towards the temple then you should be able to put the 4 stone in place.

  33. Jeff DePrey on 9/16/2005 at 9:18 pm said:

    I am totaly stuck right now, I got to after I put the shards in place in Elen’Lu I go back to town to talk to Finala and she is standing on the bridge, I talk to her and she asks to be in my group, My group was full at the time, so I clicked the X on the talk box with her , so I could just start he conversation over once I disbanded the ice pet I had, I then add her to the group, but the quest never gets updated and still says talk to Finala at the bridge!
    I have tried eveything, she is in my group now , and the quest still says talk to Finala at bridge but I cant!
    I cant go to the next part of the game because of this. sucks really bad

  34. Jeff DePrey on 9/16/2005 at 10:19 pm said:

    Found the flick file to edit


    But I dont know what to change and not sure if it would helpo since Finala in in my group and I cant find a way to get to talk to her again.

    Is there a way you can just mark that quest as finsihed?
    so it unlocks the gates?

  35. Darius on 9/17/2005 at 1:40 pm said:

    i have downloaded the patch into the C:\DS2Temp\English\Files…into the folder “resources”..restarted the game from windows and he still keeps on chanting that spell…please help and tell me what am i doing wrong?? thank you for any comment…

  36. Darius on 9/17/2005 at 1:55 pm said:

    never mind…it WORKED!! :)….sorry for the last post….anywayz thank you a lot for this great work!

  37. Vladr on 9/18/2005 at 6:35 am said:

    For all who could not find Finala near the bridge to fix it in act2 quest3 try this mod:

    Place finala_bridge.ds2res file into Resource directory in Dungeon Siege 2 main directory, load saved game, TALK TO ROLAND (in the Inn; maybe you have to talk to him couple of times – especially if you have Lothar in your party and did not talk to Roland earlier) and make your way to the bridge – you should find Finala and fixed bridge there. Talk to Finala and quest will be completed. Make your way to the nearest teleporter, save game and delete mod file.

    Please note I tested this mod with Lothar in my party and it worked great. I did not test mod without Lothar.

  38. sailor on 9/21/2005 at 11:37 am said:

    I have managed to bugfix the door that doesnt open where Vix is.

    I just simply removed the door and i trigger the events(open door, activate quest, remove Vix-indicator) just before Kithraya Caverns when some of your partymembers start talking (involving deru / vix / lothar / taar).

    I have a “vixfix.ds2res” and the files handy if anyone is interrested.. Maybe someone can find a good place to host the file(s).

    Just put “vixfix.ds2res” into the dir, go through the (non existant) door and enter caverns where the partymembers start talking.

    At that point, you will recieve a new quest… Save, exit, remove the file and restart game (or proceed to the next teleport and save there)…


  39. sailor on 9/21/2005 at 11:45 am said:

    Vixfix avaliable..

    I have made a bugfix for the part where Vix doesn’t open the door.

    I simply removed the door and trigger the events just before you enter the Kithraya Caverns (when partymembers start talking).

    I have a vixfix.ds2res handy if anyone wants and maybe someone has a good place to host it if there is interrest in this solution..

    Place the vixfix.ds2res into the gamedirectory, go though the (non existant) door, enter caverns and when the partymembers start talking you will recieve a quest, the door is opened, and vix indicator is removed..
    Now you can save and exit, remove the file and restart game or proceed to the next teleport and save there..

    note: I had Vix in my party when i tested this solution.


  40. sailor on 9/21/2005 at 11:47 am said:

    uhm. browser died while typing the first text and now i got doubleposts.. maybe some admin can remove either one.. and this

    sorry for the inconvenience.


  41. Fred Cady on 9/21/2005 at 9:17 pm said:

    Copied that file to my resouces directory, went back to the old man and talked to him, end cnversation, talk to him again, and nothing. The same old “Help me young one” no matter how many times I talk to hime. ?????????????????

  42. Thank you dude your a legend got to Veteran Diffculicty LVL 48 that old man wouldnt goto the next part of the quest i thought all was lost but your nifty little fix worked like a charm full points to you for saving me the anguish of doing it all again i have noticed if you let the dryads beat the old man a bit before smiting them this bug doesnt seem to happen its only when you charge in and nuke them it does happen.

    should tell gas powered to give you a job or at least put your codfix in there next patch

    Thanks Again

  43. Whitey on 9/22/2005 at 7:47 pm said:

    sailor, i would love that file

    whityum at yahoo dot com

    i will host it for you.

  44. Whitey on 9/23/2005 at 3:03 am said:

    here’s the fix, thanks jani, no time to test it yet

  45. Dods on 9/24/2005 at 5:03 am said:

    Thanks a million, bro! Worked like a charm, just when I was getting ‘streeemly frustrated.

    Glad to have folks like you around. ::thumbs up::

  46. Parko on 9/27/2005 at 7:40 am said:

    call me an idiot but…..where the hell is the resources direcory???


  47. Whitey on 9/27/2005 at 7:39 pm said:

    default it
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Dungeon Siege 2\Resources

  48. Particle on 9/29/2005 at 6:08 am said:

    Hi.. i am from SG here.. juz wan to say thanks for the file! it works! thanks!! u saved me 7hrs+ of game play

  49. Kenny on 10/1/2005 at 11:11 pm said:

    hi there… pls help me.. i have a problem.. a big one.. i just changed the crack from ds2.. the exe i mean, and my char doesn’t want to work anymore.. i mean, i is still in the saves folder under my docs but the game doesn’t want to recognize it.. plss help me.. i worked about 16+ h at this character and i don’t want to lose it.. any1 have any idea pls?

  50. Cracked versions make different save files that aren’t recognized by the original exe after the first update I believe. You’re screwed.

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