Well, Tom hosted another pseudo-lan party last night, and as usual, it was a doozy. We had Halo 2 running, Dungeon Siege 2, a bit of UT2004 and last but not least, DiscBall.

What is DiscBall? Well, here’s the basic setup:

1 tennis court
4-5 players on each side
4 frisbees

Each team starts off with two frisbees. When the referee yells “DISC!”, both teams try to get all the frisbees off of their side of the court.

Frisbees must pass over the net to be validly played. On the side of the court, an imaginary net is extended. Invalid side throws are fouls which require the offending player to retreat to the side, and sing “Happy Birthday”, or do 10 pushups, or both, depending on the sadistic tendencies of the referee.

Frisbees thrown out of the gated court area stop game play and count as a point for the other team.

Frisbees are considered in scoring position when they are touching the ground, in the hands of a player, falling through tree limbs (stuck frisbees count as out of bounds), or thrown in the air by a team member but clearly with no possibility of clearing the net (the NO JUGGLING rule).

Teams switch court sides every 10 points.

Points are not taken seriously, and may randomly change as people’s memories are altered by the lateness of the hour.

Rules on switching teams or taking a break on the sidelines are completely optional, but generally proportional to the age of the player.

No other projectiles may be in play besides frisbees. Teams placing unauthorized projectiles in play are penalized a point, and game play is started over.

New rules may be added as necessary, but are typically ignored.

When there are no longer 4 frisbees available due to out of bounds play, or random acts of god, the players will begin randomly throwing other projectiles (basketballs, tennis balls, footballs, paper airplanes) and try to start up something else.

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