Interesting work explaining very clearly the history of citizenship and voting rights in Hawai’i – the idea that some sovereignty activists have about returning to a kanaka maoli only kingdom is belied by the history of citizenship within the Kingdom of Hawai’i.

For example:

In 1868, the Minister of the Interior rendered an official opinion that:

In the judgment of His MajestyÂ’’s government no one acquires citizenship in this Kingdom unless he is born here, or born abroad of Hawaiian parents (either native or naturalized) during their temporary absence from the Kingdom, or unless having been the subject of another power, he becomes the subject of this Kingdom by taking the oath of allegiance.

All the sovereignty activists trying to restore the kingdom should acknowledge that everyone born in Hawai’i should be counted as a Kingdom Citizen. All those who have started sovereignty movements by limiting participation to kanaka maoli only are clearly illegitimate by the laws of the kingdom they purport to represent (that means you DonnaHM).


A very clear explanation of why kanaka maoli are not owed anything by the U.S. government, with nine challenging questions:

  1. What did the alleged “victim” have at the time of the “theft?” If he did not have it, it could not have been stolen.
  2. Of what the “victim” had, what did he have a moral right to at the time of the “theft?” If he had no moral right to it, he has no moral right to get it back or to get compensation for its loss.
  3. What was taken from whom?
  4. Assuming that what was taken was taken immorally, has any of it been restored?
  5. If the “victims is dead, do any of his descendants inherit his moral claim for reparation?
  6. Who, if anyone, inherits it?
  7. Have any benefits been received by the victim” or his heirs as a result of the “thefts?
  8. Should reparations be reduced by the amount of those benefits?
  9. If people disagree on which moral principles decide these questions, how do we decide which is the true moral principle to be applied? This question is buried at the bottom of the whole discussion, for if there is no agreement on moral principle there can be no agreement that the reparations are morally due.

The strongest argument made is here:

Hawaiians today have exactly the same political rights as everyone else and exactly the same voting rights: one person–one vote. To claim any more than that because a minority of their ancestors had more power, or to claim reparations because a few of their ancestors may have lost political power is to claim a moral right to inherit political power. No one has any such right. Inheritance of political power is the principle of absolute monarchy, of aristocracy, and of racism. It has no place in democratic American society.

4 Thoughts on “Selected Works of Patrick W. Hanifin, esq.

  1. Lana aka Ululani aka Lana Ululani on 11/14/2005 at 12:18 pm said:

    Patrick Hannifin also died during surgery. It’s possible that he may have been cursed by Ku.

  2. Or it could have been that he was blessed by Kane, Pele and Lono with a life just long enough to produce important works decrying your racism.

    The brightest candles often burn the shortest…

  3. Lana aka Ululani aka Lana Ululani on 11/15/2005 at 4:34 am said:

    Oh come on. He disrespected the iwi so it’s very possible that he was cursed. Well you do know about Hawaiian religion don’t you or were you born and raised in California because I know that some Hawaiians are Buddhist, Christian, etc but with Hawaiians… there were and are curses.

  4. Do you know about Hawaiian religion?

    Do you know that Kaahumanu declared an end to the kapu, and destroyed the heiau?

    Do you know that Liholiho invited the missionaries to spread christianity?

    Let me ask you a question – do you believe in ancient hawaiian gods, goddesses, and laws? Do you eat separate from men? Do you avoid coconuts and bananas on pain of death?

    Any ancient kahuna who saw how you live your life today would curse you with death for your insolence and many violations of sacred kapu. Modern New Age reinventions that have been sanitized by our American sensibilities may be fun to play with, but they are NOTHING like the ancient religion.

    Patrick Hannifn contributed more to the ideas of racial equality and justice in his short 48 years of life than you ever will. If he was cursed by anyone, it was by incorrigible racists like you.

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