Sorry Lana, but exposing the ethnic cleansing done of the history of the Hawaiian Kingdom has nothing to do with targeting kanaka maoli. If anything, it’s targeting the haoles out for appropriate recognition of their patriotic acts regarding the always multi-racial and multi-cultural government of Hawaii.

Try again.

9 Thoughts on “Lana Refuses to Apologize

  1. Lana on 11/22/2005 at 5:20 pm said:

    Ken Conklin promotes the ethnic cleansing of Hawaiians. That is why the object of his material is Hawaiians and only Hawaiians… so no I will not apologize to him.

  2. That’s patently not true. He has dedicated a great deal of his life and energy to the study and preservation of kanaka maoli culture – he promotes equality amongst all races. The reason a great deal of his material is on kanaka maoli is becase that is his area of study and expertise – an interest derived from a genuine love for the culture and islands.

    You are the one proposing apartheid, ethnic dominance, and unequal treatment. And you have a moral obligation to apologize, even if you refuse to.

  3. Aloha Jere Krischel, I’ve just had the pleasure of reading your recent blog exchanges with Scott Crawford and his friends. Just wanted to let you know I admire the accuracy and depth of your knowledge of Hawaii’s history, your analytic ability, and especially your patient, respectful determination not to accept the flawed separatist logic. Imua, Bill

  4. Thank you Mr. Burgess, your kind words are much appreciated.

    I truly looked upon the sovereignty movement in 1992 as a lunatic fringe, and had no idea how close they would come to passing stealth legislation like the Akaka Bill, or that they would be able to get something as factually false as the ’93 Apology Resolution passed. Were it not for the vigilance and efforts of people such as yourself, Professor Conklin, Professor Johnson, the late Pat Hanifin and Thurston Twigg-Smith, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn even a small fraction of what I know now. I stand on the shoulders of giants, and offer my heartfelt thanks for your efforts.

    My best wishes to you and your family.


  5. Congratulations, Jere! You have officially become the 19th member of the original 13-member so-called “Committee of Safety.” Ah, yes, the “overthrow” is alive and well…

  6. Why settle for just the Committee of Safety? I think I’ll just declare myself Regent Pro-Tem of the Reinstated Republic of Hawaii (whose sovereignty was never legally relinquished), and I’ll begin drafting an annexation treaty. :)

  7. Lana on 12/4/2005 at 7:09 pm said:

    What was that about a conqueror? Looks like you would want to conquer Hawaii which conflicts with what you posted in response to Hawaiian men fighting with each other a la Kamehameha.

  8. Lana on 12/4/2005 at 7:10 pm said:

    Oh and I will never apologize to racists. Also remember what happened to Hannifin. He died while in surgery so I wouldn’t be too arrogant about what Mr. Burgess has allegedly told you lol

  9. Lana, I think it’s obvious you’ll never apologize, and never learn. But that’s okay, as long as you’re out there making a fool of yourself, others watching will see the intellectual bankruptcy of the racist policies you support. :)

    LAL (laughing at lana)

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