Miss Aloha’s Mana o – On protecting the iwi (bones) and the oiwi (Hawaiians)

I’m quite sure I’ve never been within 5 miles of Ms. Lana, and by the look of it, I’ll never get within 2000 miles of her any time soon:


“If Jere Krischel is not careful I will be filing a permanent restraining order against him”

Well, I certainly have no desire to come within 5 miles of you, so if you’d just like to pretend there is already a restraining order in place, I think we’ll get along just fine :).

If she would also be so kind as to post the articles of incorporation for her “Hawaiian Foundation, Inc.”, I will retract my assertion that it is not an official non-profit organization. I assume she can provide information as to whether or not it is a 501c3 tax exempt organization, or some other non-tax exempt non-profit, and which state it is incorporated in.

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