It seems to be all over the news, protesters in Washington D.C. demanding that we withdraw from Iraq…but where are the protesters against the car-bombers? The sectarian assassins? The brutal insurgents? Why isn’t there a protest for THEM to withdraw??

Every time I hear of upper-middle class whites with too much time on their hands gathering to protest, it always seems so hypocritical. The protests we see in modern times have none of the verve or nobility of the civil disobedience of Gandhi, or the truth and passion of Martin Luther King…they are staged events, manufactured to rabble-rouse and fund-raise, with no righteousness in their claims.

Want our soldiers back home, out of Iraq? Then support them in winning the battle against the insurgents. Protest the ethnic killings, the religious sectarian violence, the sabotage of infrastructure, the holding hostage of an entire nation! Head your white-upper-middle class butt over to Baghdad, and form a human-shield around the Green Zone, or in a marketplace targeted by car-bombers, or in a mosque, or an embattled neighborhood. Protest in the streets of Iraq, and demand that the insurgents leave and that the terrorists put down their weapons!

I assure you, as soon as the insurgents are gone, our troops will be home in an instant.

Or maybe these folks think it’s perfectly righteous to save the lives of our troops, and sacrifice the millions of people who would die in the chaos our withdrawal would leave behind.

We’re not in Iraq because it is fun. We’re not in Iraq because it is easy. We’re not in Iraq to conquer or control. We’re there because we owe it to the Iraqis, for decades of supporting Saddam Hussein against the Iranians, and turning a blind-eye to the humanitarian crisis that has engulfed the region for a generation. No matter how many mistakes may have been made on the ground since we went in, it was not a mistake to take down the regime of Saddam. It’s time to start thinking about how to win, instead of thinking about how to lose.

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