Science is the rigorous application of skepticism. Until the high priests of the Church of Global Warming put up a falsifiable hypothesis, they’re simply religious zealots, not scientists.

Lincoln was an ass. Far from being the “Great Emancipator”, this guy did things that would make Hitler blush. I’m all happy that slavery ended, and that after a period of only about 100 years after the fall of the CSA that we finally got around to a Civil Rights movement, but as patriotic as I am, I simply have a difficult time condoning the actions of a war mongering despot. My current dilemma is that I like centralized government when it does stuff like enforce equal rights (rights, not outcomes mind you – affirmative action is racism), but I definitely don’t like centralized government when it does stuff like force every man, woman and child to gamble on health insurance. I’ve yet to imagine a system that allows for a strong central government to protect rights, without also giving it the power to destroy rights, but maybe it’s out there somewhere.

Speaking of which, ObamaCare sucks. One can only hope the fast track to the SCOTUS will quickly bring it to an abrupt end, but in the meantime, welcome to higher costs, less care, and Mrs. Obama screwing yet another generation of children by telling them to avoid eating fat, and enjoy eating lots of carby whole grains and veggies. Please, think about the children!

Last note, 24 has seriously started chasing the pigeon. Haven’t watched the latest episode, but if they don’t kill Starbuck with a blender or something soon, I’m going to throw up in my mouth. Seriously, guys, the super soviet agent got conned by a small town hick violating parole? Continuity people, it’s worth it.

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