Lincoln's support for the Corwin Amendment, which would've made slavery a permanent and irrevocable part of our constitution, was in his first inaugural address:

"I understand a proposed amendment to the Constitution—which amendment, however, I have not seen—has passed Congress, to the effect that the Federal Government shall never interfere with the domestic institutions of the States, including that of persons held to service. To avoid misconstruction of what I have said, I depart from my purpose not to speak of particular amendments so far as to say that, holding such a provision to now be implied constitutional law, I have no objection to its being made express and irrevocable."

Thank heavens that Lincoln's attempts were foiled by noble northern abolitionists, and that eventually Lincoln's war of Northern Aggression was co-opted into an end to slavery.  Too bad we don't have movies about the true heroes behind the end of slavery in the United States.

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