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Quoted for truth:

"We will have to get used to the violence in our city unless we (Black America) are able to adhere to some basic concepts:

1. We need to value education. Our schools are not New Trier. But, if we start to value an education and what it can do for us, and we not only preach to our children the importance of education but continue by devoting time and energy to education in the home, our schools will get better. You’ll find that our teachers and administrators will work with students who want to learn and parents who want their children to learn. If we don’t send our children to school with respect for not only education but also their teachers, then our children won’t learn. And we can’t blame teachers for failing to teach children who respect neither the process nor teacher.

2. Do not get pregnant (or get someone pregnant) until you are done with your education. College is tough enough only juggling studies. If you add a child, although college graduation is not impossible, it is much less likely. We need to put ourselves in position to be able to afford our children. To be able to afford their clothes, to afford food, to afford a suitable place to live. If college isn’t your thing, get some work experience, knowledge, training and confidence that you can live on your own. That will give your child a sense of security, so they don’t have to get it from the streets.

2b. Do not get pregnant (or get someone pregnant) if you can’t afford your child. Newsflash: If you are 17 years old and not the child of an independently wealthy person, you cannot afford to have a child. If you don’t have a good paying job with benefits, you can’t afford the child. I hate to get all Suze Orman on you, but it’s true.

3. When you have children, PARENT. Be a good mother. Be a good father. Be present. Be available. Love your children."

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