Okay, so, one of the tropes in the teams I've been playing is the "brain" trope that doesn't have any combat skill.  The guy who choses +4 Lore, and nothing for Fight, Shoot or Athletics.

Since combats tend to be some of the longest running encounters, I'm hesitant to take the Fate Core rulebook literally when it says “Lore isn’t used in conflicts”, and generally give my "brain" guy the ability to use Lore, in the middle of a conflict, to create advantages.  This blurs the line between Notice and Lore a bit, but I'm sort of treating it like Notice is for things that are possibly obscured physically, and Lore is for things that are simply obscured based on knowledge.  For example, you may use Notice to create the advantage That cable holding up those crates is rusty, but you'd use Lore to create the advantage Those crates labeled in chinese contain explosives.

Questions to the group:

1) is this overpowering Lore without requiring say, a specific stunt?
2) does anyone have any cool examples of using Overcome and Create Advantage with Lore (either in conflict or out of conflict)?

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