Fate Combat Simulator 2.0 feature complete.


Unlike the deck of fate perl script (https://krischel.org/deck-of-fate.cgi), or the omegazone gm hooks perl script (https://krischel.org/omegazone.cgi), this one requires you to setup your local perl environment to run it.

Long story short, you can define different types of players, with different skills, stress, consequences, and strategies, put them into teams, and have the teams battle it out in simulations.  The simulator reports out how often each team wins, and the average number of exchanges before the fight is over.

I find this kind of simulation exercise incredibly useful for figuring out what kind of opposition levels I want to run for my campaign (do I want a long slog that the players will almost certainly win, or a quick decision that could go either way?), but it can also help test different play strategies (do I create an advantage this turn, or take an attack?).

Enjoy, and please leave me feedback if you find a bug, or have a feature request!

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