Wishes for 2017 (in no particular order):

1) shall issue CCW for all states;
2) legalization of standard capacity magazines in all states;
3) legalization of suppressors in all states;
4) end of solar/wind subsidies;
5) expansion of fracking/drilling on federal lands;
6) end of CO2 emission regulations (it's plant food);
7) 2nd waiting period for firearms purchase deemed unconstitutional;
8) registration for ammunition purchase deemed unconstitutional;
9) repeal of Obamacare and replacement with Singapore style health care system;
10) end of all government employee unions;
11) government pension reform to claw back excessive pensions;
12) a quad-core mac-mini with user upgradeable RAM and HD;
13) higher upload speed on Charter cable internet;
14) less strict procwatch levels for Dreamhost shared infrastructure;
15) end of all affirmative action;
16) dissolution of all separate tribal governments and allotment of all resources to tribal members;
17) #AllLivesMatter movement that acknowledges the need to improve police use of force regulations, while at the same time understanding that it is not a race thing;
18) strict limits on fighting age "refugee" men imported from countries with high rates of islamic terrorism;
19) identification and deportation of all illegal immigrants who have committed other crimes besides their criminal immigration, focusing on violent crime first;
20) end of university involvement in adjudicating criminal issues, particularly rape accusations, which should be handled by criminal courts;
21) peace on earth, goodwill towards men.

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