As the year once again draws to a close,
What have we done?  Only goodness knows.

January began with a loud bang
I went back to work teaching first grade again
Exposed to young children and their excretions
I longed for good health and a vacation

At the end of March two heroes came to our rescue
To help out with Tomi, Wendie and Erin did join our crew

In addition to various other talents, Jere on his own
Did learn how to play the clarinet and saxophone

In April at last I went on Spring Break
A road trip to SF did Jere and I take
We packed up Tomi snug in the car
And enjoyed four days of sight-seeing that rain could not mar

With another school year gone and done
We all looked forward to a summer of fun
In July to Minnesota we packed up and flew
To visit Jon, Brenda, Grant (and Noah, too).
Next in the Big Apple did we arrive
It was great to see Jac in the place where she thrives.
The famous sights did we see (and got back alive).

Jere then gave us quite a surprise
He converted to Mac and to PCs said his last goodbyes
Now there are iPods and Apples all over the place
Never again will Windows our house disgrace

September brought us the start of another school year
I in half-day kinder with a partner who is dear,
Cam in third grade who now walks to his school very near.
Our dear little Tomi on the twentieth turned one
We thank all that joined in the celebration

To celebrate our second anniversary in November
Jere and I packed up for a weekend to remember
Just on a whim and ’cause it was cheap
We went to Salt Lake City and to our room did we keep

And now here we are and we’re doing quite well
Hoping you and your families are all doing swell

We’ll be off to Oahu for our holiday cheer
Happy holidays we wish to those far and those near

May the New Year be kind and gentle to you,
May peace and good will be known through and through.

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