4 Thoughts on “American Thinker Blog: Stimulus Bill Railroaded through Congress before Obama cabinet ready to spend it

  1. ROFL?! So you complain that this bill gets signed into law, then complain that it is not being spent fast enough? Um, could you pick a side and stick with it?

  2. I’m pointing out hypocrisy, Rick. I’m not saying I hold Obama’s belief that the law should have been signed after a relaxing valentine’s day weekend, nor his belief that any delay would be catastrophic – I’m saying that he held them, and they are inconsistent.

  3. What hypocrisy?
    You are complaining because they stated that this is a national emergency, and that it is going to take a bit to get the funds out? I don’t know what world you live in Jere, but there is no magic wand in Obama’s hand. This money will flow as quickly as possible to their respective designates.

    Jere, I noticed that your blog has Obama’s fault on everything here, including the suicide bombing in Israel? Where is your supporting statements, or for that matter anything even resembling some sort of analysis? I’m not an Obama lover, but dang it, I don’t swallow unsubstantiated hogwash either.

    Get a grip man, and start actually processing some of this data instead of randomly assigning blame? Otherwise, people like me will just chalk you up as another pseudo-intellectual shallow genetic pool right wing nut job looking for an audience? Aren’t you better than that?

    Rick Beagle

  4. The Obama’s fault theme is a parody of the Bush’s fault theme of the past 8 years by Democrats. For a more rational post on what I really think, see http://krischel.org/2008/11/04/hopes-for-an-obamanation/

    As for hypocrisy, if Obama is going to scare the nation by declaring that every hour of delay costs us 10,000 jobs, then he shouldn’t take a 4 day weekend delay in signing the legislation that he is in such a hurry over.

    Thanks again for commenting, and welcome all you new visitors!

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