Hey, wow, lots of comments all of a sudden.  I’m pleasantly surprised!

Dunno how you all found this little corner of the net, but welcome, one and all!

So, for those of you new here, how’d you find me?

2 Thoughts on “Welcome New Commentators!

  1. anonymous on 2/20/2009 at 4:24 pm said:

    Well, hello, Aloha,

    Are you the Jere Krischel whom I see writing from on GRIH?

    I was interested in your latest discussion there on indigenous definitions.

    I live in Hawaii and think about former national sovereignty, indigenous identity, and U.S. citizienship, etc.

    I’d like to correspond with you, if so, as I reside on Maui.


  2. Aloha, Karla,

    Yup, I’m the Jere Krischel who writes stuff for GRIH every one in a while :). A pleasure to meet you.

    Please feel free to post here, or email me directly if you’ve got any questions or thoughts.


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