– Obama to America — I Win, You Lose.


1) Health care is going to get more expensive;

2) Access to health care is going to get more limited;

3) The additional fiscal drag on the economy is going to stunt economic growth for at least another couple of years;

4) The addition to the deficit is going to require the devaluing of the dollar, effectively reducing the standard of living for everyone in the United States;

5) The lawsuits on the entire idea of forcing people to gamble (i.e., buy insurance) are going to take years to trickle up in the courts, but eventually will be found to be profoundly unconstitutional;

6) People will still be following M.Obama’s dietary advice for more carbs, keeping obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other chronic diseases at an all time high;

7) The bad news from the bill (after the lawmakers actually read it), is going to trickle out in an inevitable chinese water torture drip;

8) Democrats are going to lose big in November 2010.

Now, being gainfully employed in the health care sector, all of this evil will actually be good for my personal economic prospects, but terrible for the country as a whole.  The Democrat Party has hoisted itself on its own petard, and when the revolution comes in 11/2010, I just hope that the charge is led by moderate Republicans, and doesn’t help foster a fundamentalist christian socially right wing takeover of the Congress.

Obama’s fault.

P.S.: Any member of the House who didn’t actually read the bill, in full, by themselves, and voted for it, should be deeply ashamed of themselves.  By my count, that’s 219 people.

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