Governor – Meg Whitman

Okay, so she looks like a witch for firing someone after she found out they were illegal, but hey, that’s what you’re *supposed* to do.

Lt. Governor – Gavin Newsom

Okay, I know, total hippy, but he gets points for doing the whole gay marriage thing.  I figure it’s a good idea to split the ticket anyway, so he’s my token Democrat.

Secretary of State – Damon Dunn

Controller – Tony Strickland

Treasurer – Mimi Walters

Attorney General – Steve Cooley

Insurance Commissioner – Mike Villines

Member State Board of Equalization – Peter De Baets

Seriously, the State of California has been dominated by Democrats for way too long for me to vote for more than one of them for state office.  Newsom got my vote, which means Debra Bowen, John Chiang, Bill Lockyer, Kamala D. Harris, Dave Jones and Jerome E. Horton don’t.  I feel a little bad for the whole Attorney General thing (I wish Brown had stayed put instead of running for Governor), but such is life.

United States Senator – Carly Fiorina

Boxer is corrupt, period.  The idea of giving her six more years to destroy our economy just isn’t okay.  Having one Democrat and one Republican senator for our state also helps give us a more diverse voice in the Senate.

United States Representative – David Drier

A gay republican.  I’ll vote for them every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Member of the State Assembly – Alvaro G. Day

This is pretty much a vote against the incumbent.

All judicial slots with “YES/NO” – NO

Sorry, but there’s just not enough information from the candidates listed here for an informed decision, so I can’t vote for them.

Judge of the Superior Court – Mark Ameli, Alan Schneider

Actually looked these folk up, and they both seemed reasonable – although frankly, we don’t have enough decent objective coverage of these down-ticket races.  Special note – Amy Hogue, running unopposed, didn’t get my vote – if they’re unopposed, I’m not bothering.

Superintendent of Public Instruction – Larry Aceves

Again, looked these guys up, and Larry edged out Tom by a hair.

County Assessor – John Y. Wong

Looked these guys up, and pretty much a vote against the incumbent (okay, so Noguez is just a deputy, but I figured he’s on the inside).

Proposition 19 – YES

No, I don’t smoke.  Yes, I am interested in seeing what happens when federal law is challenged by state law.  The libertarian in me wants this to set a precedent of state’s rights and limited federal government.

Proposition 20 – YES

Letting politicians choose their voters is not a form of representative government.  Time to take it out of the hands of politicians.

Proposition 21 – NO

Taxed Enough Already.

Proposition 22 – NO

The State is supposed to get a budget, and work it.  Putting limitations on what they can do with what only serves to paralyze the system even more.

Proposition 23 – YES

Global warming fraud is going to cost millions of California jobs if this doesn’t pass.  Pretending that evil oil companies are behind this to convince people to willfully destroy our economy based on shoddy science (see Climategate), is not only in poor taste, it’s ugly.

Proposition 24 – NO

Taxed Enough Already.

Proposition 25 – NO

It’s bad enough the Democrats in the State Legislature want to tax us more – giving them that ability without even bothering to cross the aisle?  No thank you.

Proposition 26 – YES

Again, Taxed Enough Already.

Proposition 27 – NO

Trojan horse to mess up Proposition 20.  Super sneaky politicking.

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